How Technology is Transforming the Restaurant Business

Most of the people in the Western world today walk around with their smartphones. Large cities all over the world install kiosks that provide free Internet and recharge phones and tablets.

The introduction of the iPhone to the market has truly changed the world, including the world of restaurants. For a restaurant, online presence today is an absolute must. A lot of people choose where to go and what to eat based on Yelp and Google reviews.

While having great reviews on these platforms is critically important, it is not enough. Every restaurant needs to have its own website that uses a reliable hosting service such as SEOhosting, giving the restaurant a confidence that its website will work as it is supposed to.

It is also important to have a presence on Facebook and other social media sites. Such a presence can give a restaurant a lot of benefits and marketing tools that were not available previously. A restaurant can use Instagram to post pictures of food, including new dishes, and pictures of happy customers.

Facebook can be a great platform for reviews and a way to keep in touch with guests. Using Facebook, it is very easy to engage an audience and survey guests about what they like and they don’t like. A restaurant can also ask guests to suggest ideas on new dishes, design improvements and events they would like to see at the restaurant.

Opportunities like these were not available as little as a few decades ago. The only ways to communicate with customers were to talk to them while they were present in the restaurant, call them or send them direct mail. All of these are labour intensive, expensive and complex.

Today, it is possible to post pictures of several dishes and have customers vote on them with likes. In a few hours, a restaurant can get a lot of useful feedback and decide on new menu items or changes that management need to introduce.