How Technology is Transforming the Restaurant Business

Most of the people in the Western world today walk around with their smartphones. Large cities all over the world install kiosks that provide free Internet and recharge phones and tablets. The introduction of the iPhone to the market has truly changed the world, including the world

How to Find Cheap Restaurants

The internet has revolutionized the business landscape and it has provided an appropriate platform upon which marketers and clients can engage in different forms of business. Before the potential consumers make a final decision to purchase a particular market offering, they should have some kind of knowledge

The Future Restaurant

Due to the fast paced style of living, a number of individuals do not have the time to properly cook their own meals, at least not to the level they would like them to be. This has led to a boom in the food industry, both those

Catering to Tastes

Today, the global community, for the most part, lives better than humans have ever done in history. There are civil services that look after the wellbeing of individuals, the law is predominant in most countries and despite some minor hiccups, people have learned to be simply more

The Experience of Food

The food industry today provides a number of jobs across the world; as such their continuous operation is of the highest importance. The question that lingers in the minds of many, is what happens when the simple offering of food as a service does no longer satisfy

The Restaurant Experience

The service economy represents the current financial foundation of what are considered to be, “first world” countries. Within that service economy, a significant chunk is attributed to the food industry. Restaurants represent a manifestation of the industry in question, but are more than simple service providers. One

Birth and Evolution of Restaurants

Today, across the globe, there are hundreds of different types of cuisine and a ridiculous amount of restaurants that try to cater to every taste out there, but in order to better understand the phenomenon that is food service, it is necessary to look into the past.

Food as Service

In the early periods of human history, the way the economy functioned was quite basic in every sense of the word. People would trade commodities with each other inside their own communities. There was no currency to speak of, and as such, trade only happened this way

Internet Food

Unlike in the past, when there was a time in which food was quite problematic to come by – thus being extremely valuable – today food of different types, for different tastes and needs is readily available pretty much everywhere. Going to a restaurant is considered in